Career path

Our employees are the most valuable asset of the entire organisation. In this regard, we greatly value the development of their competences. Within the scope of the personal development programme, we offer our employees the option of entering individual career paths along the following lines:

A purely professional career that can do without disciplinary personnel management, and a managerial or leadership career, which focuses on leading other employees.





Expert careers usually deal with further development without any leadership tasks.
And so, the additional training focuses on a professional or expert position rather than personal responsibility. In contrast to leadership careers, professional careers usually evolve in the horizontal direction.
Our employees develop more and more to become experts in their activity fields.


The managerial career path is a classical career and hierarchy-oriented path that may take various steps (team / department/ branch office management).

It is characterised by increasing personal responsibility. The main tasks of a manager include planning, organisation, leadership and control of a team, a department or a branch office.



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The project manager path focuses on the takeover of projects and challenging leadership without disciplinary permissions. Project management is the responsible communications interface with the customer, the employees and the management.

A project manager takes over responsibility for the entire project and for the professional leadership of a team. In addition, this position requires the actions of a trainer, godfather or mentor, supporting sales.


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