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Schlossplatz StuttgartThe motor city of Stuttgart is not only a city with some of the highest life quality indicators of Germany, but also the seat of the Kämmerer Group. The capital of Germany's federal state of Baden-Württemberg, with around 600,000 inhabitants, is the largest city of this state, called affectionately “Stuagad“ by the locals, and “Stuggi“ by youths.

The cityscape of the capital of Swabia is defined by numerous hills, offering many lookout points, from the beer gardens of which one can enjoy wonderful views of the metropolis. Thanks to its location in a basin, and thanks to the surrounding forests, the city is mostly protected from foul weather and natural disasters. People say that it is always calm in Stuagad when the whole world goes under. From the economic point of view, Stuttgart is a very attractive business location, providing much employment not only thanks to the automotive industry and its suppliers, powering the industry to expand. Stuttgart values art and culture highly.

Here are our tips for those from Stuttgart, and those, who would like to live here:


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Art and culture:

• The state gallery is a fusion of classicist and post-modern architecture.
• The Rampe theatre is the world's only theatre house to share its foyer with a rack rail system.
• The old theatre house, the Altes Schauspielhaus, is found in a wonderful art nouveau building at the Kleine Königstrasse in the city centre.
• The Stuttgart art museum is housed in an imposing, glass cube, also called the Cube.
• The district Bohnenviertel is the heart of all art of Stuttgart. The narrow cobbled streets of the historic centre hide countless galleries, art cafés and antique stores, which hide true gems.

Stuttgart FernsehturmFood and drink:

• The Weinstube Fröhlich wine restaurant had already for years attracted guests thanks to its home-tasting regional cuisine, while the Fou Fou, not far away, offers delicious cocktails in a perfect, stylish atmosphere.
• The Basta wine cellar and the König X café are located in the Wagnerstrasse, which leads up to the Schellenturm tower. It is very easy to find one's favourite place here, as there are interesting locations side by side.
• Der Zauberlehrling is a restaurant located but a few steps from the Schellenturm tower, at the Rosenstrasse. This exquisite, distinguished restaurant, and a small dreamy hotel will certainly impress not only one's parents-in-law.
• Who enjoys Thai food and sushi, shall delight in these places: we invite everyone to visit the Floating Market restaurant in the Theodor-Heuss-Strasse, and the Sushi and Wok at the Schulstrasse, as well as I Love Sushi at the Rosenbergstrasse.
• The La Laguna Spanish restaurant is a true undiscovered surprise, despite the numerous awards it has received.
• The same street is home to the Turkish restaurant Sultan Saray. Beside perfect dishes, it is inviting because of Turkish hospitality.
• At the intersection of the Immenhoferstrasse and the Olgastrasse one can find a small, shy guest house named Kochenbas.The cosy, quiet atmosphere was topped here by completely home-made and typically regional cuisine, attracting countless guests to this restaurant for decades already.



Beer gardens around Stuttgart:

As the city is located in a basin, the hills around Stuttgart have much to offer. Wonderful wine hills surround the city, providing not only perfect quality wine. The beer gardens in the hills are an ever-loved target for excursions. Here are the most beautiful of these:

• The Teehaus restaurant on the Bopser hill, beside the fantastic view and the imposing marble hall, provides its guests with very tasty food and professional service.
• The Katzenbacher Hof restaurant can fulfil any wish of children and adults alike. You will find there joy and fun, the forest, tasty food and cool beer.
• The Bärenseen lakes attract on wonderful days the majority of the city inhabitants to enjoy a day on the water. The Bärenschlösschen castle is a place where one can play, rampage around, drink and eat tastily. All of this is accompanied by a cuddle zoo, ducks and countless tortoises.
• The castle park and the Rosenstein park are always worth a tour; after a walk, one can take their pick from a selection of beer gardens inviting to rest.

...and all lovers of good taste cannot,
We wish everyone a lot of fun discovering the city!



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