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Bernd Kämmerer is the founder, majority shareholder and Chairman of the Kämmerer Group. He founded the Engineering-service company in April 2000 and has since then written a remarkable success story. His goal has always been to make a success as a technical, highly innovative service provider.

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Basis for his professional career is a study of aviation and aerospace travel at the University of Stuttgart, where he successfully graduated in 1993. He gained his first professional experience during and after his studies through research activities at the DLR [Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik (German research centre for aviation- and aerospace technology)] in the area of innovative propulsion construction concepts.

As manager and entrepreneur of a Hamburg engineering services company Bernd Kämmerer gained substantial experience in the areas of leadership, customer retention and -acquisition. He founded a branch for the company in Stuttgart and within 6 months moved from employed branch manager to managing partner. A short time later the Stuttgart site was employing 35 staff.

Performance athlete and visionary:
He earned the required perseverance in tough competition as a decathlete in competitive sports. Here it was about planning and pursuit of goals, fairness, dealing with defeat and success and above all, team spirit.

Bernd Kämmerer has remained true in all decisions. He lives for what he does and places the people at the centre of the company. 

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